Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My recommended cycling Shoe

I have been looking for a good cycling shoe, one that fits my criteria, and I think I finally found a keeper. First off, here is a list of musts that I was looking for in a pair of shoes for my bike riding-

1.  They could not be cycling shoes.
2.  They could not be so costly as to have to worry about some thug swiping them, especially while you
     are wearing them.
3.  No Velcro
4.  No glow in the dark, pump to fit, ass tone while walking, iPod holder garbage.
5.  And most importantly, whatever destination I am riding to, the Pub, grocery store, job interview, I
     can hop right off the bike and know that I am properly attired.

The Skechers Klone, about $44.00.


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